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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Celcom 2 Years Extended Expiry Date

Update (17 Sept 2010):

Here is how to get 1 year or 2 years expiry extended for Celcom Prepaid:

  1. Go to *118#
  2. Choose My Account (number 8)
  3. Choose Other Service (number 5)
  4. Choose Credit Expiry (number 3)
Then choose subscribe 1 year or 2 year according to your needs. Thats all. As I know RM30 will be deducted from your prepaid credit for 1 year and RM50 will be deducted for 2 year expiry date.

Here is the way for you to get 2 years of extended expiry date for your Celcom Prepaid:

  1. Change your plan to Celcom Blue
    • Type MIG BlUE and send to 28882
  2. Go to *119#
  3. Choose No 1
    (Prabayar Celcom Blue)
  4. Then Choose No 2
    (Servis Tambahan)
  5. After that, choose No 4
    (Tempoh Kredit)

You can choose for 1 year or 2 year of expiry date. For the 2 years, the fee will be RM50( deducted from your Celcom Prepaid Account)

After you got the 2 years expiry date, you are require to maintain a minimum topup of RM30 for every 6 month to maintain the extended expiry.

Thats all. -smile-


As I know, you can get one year or two year expiry date for your Xpax too. Here is how to do it:

  1. Press *118# and call
  2. Choose 9(My Prepaid)
  3. Choose 5(Credit Expiry)
Then you can choose the expiry date for one year or two year. As I know some money will be deducted from your prepaid.


Anonymous said...

I chose the 2 years extension. Said I needed to top up 30 within the next 6 months to maintain the service. Done that and a few days before the 6 month period said I didn't do it. Ignored it thinking it was some mistake but then two days after the 6 month dateline they terminated the credit extension. 50 ringgit + 30 ringgit burned just like that. I wonder how many more people got hit like this?

Soleh said...

There could be mistake or misunderstanding there. I'm using university pax, if I'm not wrong thats the name. The rate is quite good. The expiry date until I finish age of 25.

danielho said...

I subscribed to 1 year of credit extension. But I didn't know it requires you to maintain a minimum topup of RM30 every 6 months in order to maintain the extended expiry. Eventually, the line gets terminated and my hundred over ringgit of credits forfeited.

soleh ksalam said...

I think its better, we just topup RM30 before starting the next 6 month

FJ said...

I have similar experience:

1st time subscribe to 1 year number retention but didn't know must maintain RM30. 6 months (top up RM10 every week cos use a lot) later noticed number expired. Called to complain and they give back my number.

From then, I make sure minimum RM30 everytime I check and always use 1 year extension. The most 2-3 weeks with less than RM30. Since then no problem. Been 3 years using same number.

Anonymous said...

Recently i try to renew my existing 2 yrs subscription which going to end in a few days times but the system won`t allow me to do so i.e. saying that I already subscribed to the credit expiry package. Thus I am going to Celcom office to find out why as I heard that they are blocking user system during the recent completed upgrading exercise but forget to undo it.

Soleh Kamarulazizi said...

Now I use Altel. One year expiry for prepaid. The line is great

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