Around Lombok on a Motorbike

Sabtu, 24 September 2016

Ever felt like just getting away from it all? Heading off to a tropical island, climbing on a motorbike and setting off with the wind in your hair? Imagine -nothing between you and the landscape but the open road. Well, we've found the perfect place and it's not as far off the beaten track as you might imagine paket wisata bandung.

 A visit to the Indonesian island of Lombok is an enchanting diversion from its faster-paced big sister, Bali. Holidays to Lombok will show you a different side to Indonesia. The landscape is just as beautiful; the people are just as gentle; and the beaches are just as inviting. But there's something just a little bit special about Lombok... Separated from Bali by the Lombok Strait, the island is easily reached by boat in a few hours, or, if you're in a hurry, by plane. Perilously close to perfection, Lombok is relatively unspoilt in terms of tourism. The people of Lombok still live a traditional way of life and are a little quieter and more restrained than their neighbours in Bali.

 Holidays in Lombok will engage you in a lifestyle that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Not here the busy nightlife and shopping scene; Lombok is suited to those looking for a more organic holiday, enjoying simpler, nature-based activities. Everything on Lombok moves on island time, and a wonderful way to move along with it is to rent a motorbike and set off with the freedom to choose where to go and where to stop. Even if you haven't got long in Indonesia, a perfect idea is to combine a two or three day trip over to Lombok with your Bali holiday.

Once you've arrived, all that's left to do is get on your bike, feel the breeze - and ride! Here are a few spots you won't want to miss on your way. Kuta Beach Not to be confused with the Kuta Beach you'll visit on your Bali holiday, Lombok's version is also great for surfing, but even more renowned for its wonderful diving opportunities. With long white expanses of beach stretching on for miles and craggy cliffs rebuffing the turquoise shallows; the romantic landscape of Kuta will set the scene for the rest of your journey.
 Paket Wisata Lombok
 Desert Point - Bankgo Bankgo
  About a three hour ride from Kuta around the rugged peninsula to the South West tip of Lombok, Desert Point is a surfer's Nirvana. Magic happens as the reef, the surf and the wind meet to create what has been described as the world's best wave. Surfing here has none of the frenzy you will encounter on a surfing holiday in Bali, but this break is definitely for the pros only. It has been said that some hardened surfers have given up their sport after riding the wave at Desert Point, as they know they can never again match the experience. Senggigi Heading up the western side of the island, the ride along the Senggigi Coast is nothing short of spectacular. Long stretches of road are flanked by the open sea on one side and views across rolling hills to the majestic volcanic Mount Rinjani on the other. Stop off and scramble down to a sheltered cove for your picnic lunch and a quick dip in the warm ocean.  

Mount Rinjani
 Lombok's piece de resistance, and undoubtedly one of the most impressive landmarks in Indonesia, Mount Rinajni is an awesome sight. Even from a distance you can see the many waterfalls which scar her slopes and form natural irrigation channels to the cropland below. It can be appreciated from its base, but if you wish to tackle the ascent, set aside some extra time for the three day trek.  

The Gilli Islands
While you'll have to leave your bike behind for a trip across to these idyllic islands, the journey won't take too long. Famed for their dazzling white beaches, these three jewels studded in a turquoise sea are surrounded by a coral reef teeming with marine activity. Life on these islands is typically slow-paced, and they are the closest thing to a deserted island you can find without being shipwrecked!

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