Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei

The game between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei seems to be very competitive. In my opinion Lee Chong Wei is better in Badminton skills but in terms of psychology,  Lin Dan is better.

Lee Chong Wei need to play calmly just like his no 1 opponent Lin Dan. Lin Dan play calmly yet very powerful in terms of playing badminton. Lee Chong Wei must think Lin Dan just like any other badminton opponent. Lee Chong Wei must not think Lin Dan much superior than him. Furthermore,  Lee Chong Wei is great in the body fit, with muscles at his biceps.

Whatever it is, both are great players in badminton game and their match is likely waiting by television viewer like me.

Anyway thanks Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei for a world class match. Hope to see you again in the future match.